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Managing appointments effectively is vital for businesses that rely on scheduling customer interactions or application submission. We offer a range of appointment systems designed to meet your specific requirements, among which the following

Physical Identity Verified Appointments

For organizations that require strict identity verification before scheduling appointments, our system enables physical identity verification through reliable methods. By integrating secure identity verification measures, you can ensure a safe and trusted environment for your customers and employees.

Online Appointment Portals

Enable your customers to book appointments conveniently with our online appointment portals. Our user-friendly interface allows clients to view available time slots, select their preferred dates, and receive instant confirmation. Increase customer satisfaction and optimize your appointment scheduling process with a seamless online solution.

Hybrid Online Appointment System with Online Identity Verification

Combine the convenience of online appointments with robust identity verification using our hybrid system. This solution offers the flexibility of booking appointments online while ensuring the authenticity of customers through online identity verification methods. Safeguard your business and streamline the appointment process with this secure and efficient system.

Identification Recognition through Passport MZR Decoding Systems

In industries where identity verification is of utmost importance, our software integrates advanced technology for identification recognition. By leveraging Passport Machine-Readable Zone (MZR) decoding systems, you can automate the verification process, enhance security, and expedite customer onboarding.

Queue Management System (QMS)

Efficiently manage customer queues and minimize wait times with our Queue Management System (QMS). Our software optimizes the flow of customers, provides real-time queue status updates, and offers digital signage solutions for improved communication. Enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency with this comprehensive QMS.